cormullion’s blog

This is my blog, containing a few posts exploring the Julia language and my ongoing attempts to learn 2D vector graphics with it. Nearly every graphic you see here uses my simple wrapper for the Cairo graphics library, called Luxor.jl.

paths 2023-09-22

juliacon2023 2023-08-08

Infographic 2023-06-25

Modern 2023-06-22

Rainbow 2023-05-17

Fediverse 2022-11-15

Asterisk 2020-10-09

Depth 2020-09-22

View 2020-09-05

World 2020-08-13

JuliaMono 2020-07-26

Mauve 2020-02-13

Slackmojif 2019-06-23

Pentachoron 2019-04-03

π day 2019-03-13

Automata 2018-11-29

Random noise 2018-10-11

Guilloches 2018-08-10

Bezier Moi 2018-06-20

String logo 2018-05-05

Some π-ography 2018-03-14

Pluto 2015-06-02

You can also find something to look at on Flickr and on YouTube.

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